What we do

Here at E and A Reclamation we strive to make the whole process of purchasing, acquiring and fitting a reclaimed floor or for that matter any of our reclaimed products completely hassle free and with minimum amount of effort required from the tradesman you employ on site.

What exactly does this mean?

In the pictures below you will see reclaimed timber as it is usually sold from salvage sources. This material is usually delivered to site from the premises it is reclaimed from, in the same state it is found. You may find this will mean any dirt or metal has been left in the boards. Very often the surfaces are rough and require a great deal of sanding adding to the cost of installation. 

Also, very often a high percentage of wastage can occur due to the boards not being processed. All of these factors impact on the installation charges of such materials and this can be expensive in the extreme.

How is this achieved? 

If you now take a look at the images below you will see a very different appearance but using exactly the same material. These boards have been processed by ourselves which includes detection for metal, pairing and squaring (removing any wood unfit for purpose and squaring the ends) cleaning and sanding. 

We can also prefinish boards like the images so that all that is left your your professional to do is fit and walk away! The finish we use is hard wax oil which is natural in appearance and seals the wood using a mixture of natural oils and waxes. We offer these in a range of colours, and also in a satin or gloss finish. 

Further advantage to having our workshop team process the boards fully is that we do this everyday. Our team work continuously with reclaimed timber and have an indepth knowledge of how different species require different treatment and finishes to enhance the natural beauty of the wood.

To make this process even more hassle free, we can organise delivery for you for reasonable rates and we can ship to anywhere. 


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