Art Nouveau Radiator


Art Nouveau Radiator


Styled in The Art Nouveau period of 1890–1910, this slender radiator has an intricate scrolling pattern that adds a touch of grandeur to a classic radiator design. One of the slimmest radiators in our collection, it is perfect for smaller spaces.

Radiator Dimensions

Leg Height - 750mm

Middle Section Height - 680mm

Section Length - 72mm

Radiator Depth - 146mm

Inlet & Exit

Bottom Inlet to Floor - 116mm

Top Inlet to Skirting - 716mm

Inlet to Skirting - 73mm

Heat Output Per Section
DELTA ∆T 50˚C - 88 Watts / 300 BTUs

DELTA ∆T 60˚C - 133 Watts / 385 BTUs

Radiator Weight

Empty Weight Per Leg Section - 7.41 Kgs

Empty Weight Per Middle Section - 6.2kgs

£23 + VAT Per Section

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